Exclusive patented Technology




         Electrostatz® High-Voltage Technology



                                                                                                                Electrostatz ®has been developed by ITRI.  This trans-century audio

                                                                                                                technology that finally makes the luxury headphones affordable.

                                                                                                                Electrostatic speakers contain a thin plastic membrane covered by a

                                                                                                                high-voltage-resistant film which transmits electrical input directly to

                                                                                                                the membrane to create sound vibrations. Our higher voltage allows 

                                                                                                                for a more direct and granular transmission of electrical input to a

                                                                                                                much richer sound. In other words, this ultra-paper-thin membrane is

                                                                                                                sensitive with any input power and creates tiny vibrations. Without an

                                                                                                               amplifier, the patented electrostatic high-voltage ionized flat-panel ultra

                                                                                                                  treble headphones redefine the true colors of sound.


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Conventional Speaker V.S  Electrostatz ® Speaker





                                                                                                 World’s first Electrostatic speaker driver without needs of an individual

                                                                                                 amplifier yet still capable offering sound with extreme clarity. True Hi-

                                                                                                 Res performance with Frequency response up to 50kHZ re-defining

                                                                                                 true colors of sound.

In traditional speakers, the audio signal will be sent through the voice coil which produces an electric field. that interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet attached to the speaker.

When The voice coil is attracted and repelled by the permanent magnet, the diaphragm moves up and down and pushes on air pressure and creates sound waves.

Conventional Speakers
Electrostatz ® Speakers

Electrostatic Speaker is a very thin sheet of electrically charged material, usually made from mylar and just a few microns thick, that sits between two conductive plates. One is positively charged, the other negatively charged.


The whole sheet can then be pushed towards either plate, causing the vibration we need to create those sound waves.

Traditional Speakers

+ Lower cost: well-developed skill.

+ Mechanism is simple, no need too much power to drive.

+ Create a power and sturdy bass.
-  Dynamic drivers that are of poorer quality are susceptible

   to audio distortion at higher volume

Elecrostatz ® Speakers

+ Sonic transparent structure: Low distortions and


+ Ultra-thin diaphragm:  Reproducing clean high frequency

   up to 50KHz with ease.

+ Silky-smooth overtones lingering on from soprano much

   like the ripples spreading out endlessly on a peaceful lake. 

-  Bass is less distinct.

-  Cost of production is high

    ( Traditional electrostatic headphones)

-  An expensive& unconvinced amplifier required.

    ( Traditional electrostatic headphones)


World  patented Technology




Electrostatz® Technology




The hybrid dual-drivers’ multi-tasking mechanism offer both clarity in sound and on spot bass with minimum distortion. The ultra thin patented Electrostatz® speaker provides the crisp and clear sound of the midrange and treble. The result is sparkling clarity, smooth and powerful bass, and perfectly combines the two speakers into balanced sound. The two drivers co-exist in harmony that resembles the tweeter and sub-woofer of a perfect sound balanced system.
Electrostatz®, the patented technology that takes years to research and develop is now turning traditional electrostatic headphones into:  

• Portable:  Self-sufficient in driving the speaker unit.

• Low in power consumption:  Without the needs of a stand-alone Amplifier.

• Affordable to own while still getting the finest sound quality. 

• Increase the versatility in applications.

                                                      Revolutionary Hybrid Dual Drivrs Speakers




Electrostatz® Hi-Res Dual Drivers Speaker




                                                      The most powerful combinations



Electrostatz HYBRID Dual-Drivers Speakers





ELECTROSTATZ paper-thin speaker


• Reproducing the most clean and crisp

  mid-high frequency.

• Bringing out details and overtone

   sensations in high notes.

• Agility and fast response of B.A. and

   electrostatic drivers.



• Strong and sturdy bass power from

   the dynamic driver.

• Dom type Dynamic Driver represent

   the frequency response from

   5Hz-2kHz perfectly. 


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