Company Profile

Founded in November 2010, it is headquartered in Neihu Science and Technology Park, Taipei City.

Initially focused on audio product design, demonstrating proficiency in sound and electronics related technologies. After more than ten years of investment in machinery and materials research and development, the company has extended its reach to the field of heat dissipation. Forged technology provides highly efficient heat dissipation. Maoyu combines audio technology knowledge with innovative casting to demonstrate versatility. By diversifying into cooling technology, the company has demonstrated adaptability and a willingness to explore cutting-edge solutions beyond its initial focus on audio products.

Chips are the core technology for scientific and technological development. The key to new technology competition is to improve computing power, collect the most data and process and analyze it at the fastest speed. These devices require chips. However, during fast calculations, the wafer generates high temperatures. The heat dissipation problem becomes more severe when wafers are stacked together. High temperature will affect the performance and life of the chip, so solve the problem of chip heat dissipation to avoid performance degradation or even chip failure caused by high temperature. Mastering high-power chip heat dissipation technology will be the key for Chinese technology to break away from foreign constraints in the future.

In recent years, AI applications have driven the development of related semiconductor technologies, increasing GPU computing capabilities hundreds of times, and the heat dissipation technology brought about by high-speed computing has also become key. Maoyu later began to develop and produce semiconductor high-efficiency heat dissipation module-related products.

Forging Technology

In an era of rapid iteration of electronic products, our daily lives are increasingly affected by integrated heating circuits. To prevent components from overheating, electronic devices must ensure the heat generated during operation. Heat sinks have become a common solution for efficiently dissipating power in a variety of electronic applications ranging from central processing units (CPUs) to motor drives. The X-Forge process will break traditional design limitations and accurately customize your various thermal design specifications.

Liquid cooling module

Liquid cooling module is a system that effectively dissipates heat from electronic equipment. It usually includes components such as cold plates, radiators, fans, pumps, and water tanks. When working, liquid coolant circulates in the system, lowering the temperature of the equipment and improving heat dissipation efficiency. Compared with traditional air cooling systems, liquid cooling modules have advantages such as lower noise levels and higher cooling efficiency, making them widely used in high-performance computing and data center applications.Forging is a fundamental process in metalworking that shapes and transforms materials into precisely designed parts. Hot and cold forging are two basic processes, each offering distinct advantages and being suitable for specific applications.

Overview of hot and cold forging

Forging is a method for forming and framing metal parts that involves applying mechanical force to the workpiece to plastically deform it and change its shape and properties. As a rule of thumb, metals with higher forming rates are more suitable for hot forging. Hot forging or hot working involves shaping metal at elevated temperatures, usually between 700°C and 1,200°C. The metal is heated to provide flexibility and make it easier to bend.

Hot forging definition

  • Heating: The metal workpiece is heated in a furnace until it becomes ductile – the temperature varies depending on the material.
  • Deformation: The heated material is then placed in a mold and compressive force is applied through a press or sled to deform the material into the desired shape.
  • Cooling: After the forging process, the workpiece is usually cooled under controlled conditions to prevent the material from cooling too quickly and causing problems.

Cold forging definition

  • Cold forging or cold working involves molding metal at or near room temperature. Through this process, the material maintains its unique glass-like structure, which expands hardness and rigidity. The process differs from thermoforming because the metal is not heated but is processed at room temperature, below its recrystallized state.
  • Cold-forged heat sinks offer precise shaping, efficient thermal performance, and compatibility with a variety of materials, including copper, making them the first choice for cooling solutions.
  • Verisonix’s X-forging technology supports most new advanced forging technologies and is designed to support any customer need.

How does the Radiator Calculator work?

You can find calculators online, but here I have to let you know that with X-Forging technology we can do 25 times better.

You may have questions about why the cooling effect can reach 25 times. Please contact us, we have all the cooling solutions you need.

Integrated vapor chamber

Integrated cooling module

Liquid cooling vapor chamber cooling module

Cooling system solutions

Forging / XForging

Cooling system integration

Management Team

Be good to the government, be good to the people, and be good to the environment and the land.
People-oriented and customer-oriented.

Chairman’s advice

The founder and chief technology officer has been operating venture capital for 40 years. Committed to researching heat dissipation, forging, machining, metal materials… and other related information, proposing innovative processes in heat dissipation and solving future heat dissipation problems, collecting patents, inventing the first patent at the age of 19, and having success in life More than 10 products, technologies, and business models have been successful, and many companies such as Huafu Technology, Jingyan Technology, and Likai Electric Power have been successfully listed.

CEO, has promoted the industry for more than 35 years, and is a high-level overseas Thousand Talents Program talent. Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and a PhD in Thermal Management. Published theses: The impact of heat conduction on product life, physical electronic product design and life extension. Auvitek International Vice President of Global Sales Fresco Logic, Inc. Vice President of Global Sales of Trigence Semiconductor, Inc. The Vice President of Global Sales is engaged in semiconductor process development, using SoC for image processing and system solutions for major customers.

● Promote time-to-market targets and lead the FAE team and factories to design to support brand customers with customized products.

The CEO is engaged in multi-core SoC semiconductor research. Developed the first MIPs/DSP/ARM chip smart TV market. Build and grow relationships with video on demand partners including the BBC, Amazon Fire TV, Google, Apple and China (PRC) streaming partners. With rich I/O experience, we collaborated with Intel to design the world’s first USB 3.0 host and promoted the adoption of USB Type C in the market.

  • Co-designed the first MAC Pro high-end system super I/O port
  • Co-designed the world’s first iPad Pro high-speed port that connects directly to the SoC to increase overall system speed
  • Designing the first SSD micro module into Ultra-Book
  • Lead the project management, R&D and sales team to win sales from Samsung, LG, ASUS, Acer, HP and Dell to lead the Asian VCD/DVD MPEG IC market (ESS leads the sales in Asia)
  • Co-leader in working with ALi/MTK/VIA DVD RF IC to bring complete SoC to market, total solution (ESS Asia
  • Sales/Marketing Head, serves as General Manager of Taiwan Office)
  • Auvitek RF Demodulator SoC (ATSC) Asia Sales Executive
  • C2Micro Vice President of Global Sales, designed the world’s first smart TV total solution market.

Chief Financial Officer, with 38 years of financial experience. Graduated from the Institute of Business Administration of Chung Yuan University. He is a Taiwanese accountant and a senior specialist in the computer room, audit room and listing department of the stock exchange. He has reviewed and listed more than 100 companies for listing.

Vice Chairman, with more than 40 years of experience in international trade and marketing, global head of Magnesium Wheels.